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Heater Dude
Pellet Stove Installatio
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Truth in Love
y vs.

Link: THE TIME IS NOW FOR EXODUS FROM GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS Author: Debbie O'Hara Source: - 06.09.2004 Why would Christian parents send their children to government schools? Not realizing the extent of the risks involved to their well being, my children at one time attended these schools. To our shame, it was a non-Christian that asked how we as Christians could send our children to schools that denigrate all that we hold dear. It is tough today for parents to claim ignorance as the slightest research into their local school will show they heavily promote hedonism, socialism, immorality and an anti-family agenda. Like many families, my husband and I both worked outside the home and in a sense were grateful that our children were taken care of during the day through the schools and as a bonus they were getting a "good education". In fact we felt truly fortunate that our children were in one of the top... (more)

Tangan Tuhan
Ada pertanyaan yang nyangkut terkait proses perpisahan saya dengan Roy. Apa benar baru sekarang Tuhan memberi jalan? Kenapa baru sekarang? Tiga pekan lalu, bos saya meminta anak-anak buahnya ini pada ngambil cuti. Kalau gk perintah, kayaknya saya gk akan pernah ngambil cuti. Si bos jg mau ngabisin cuti yang tidak bisa diuangkan. Jadilah saya cuti sejak tanggal 8 November untuk sepekan. Bukan direncanakan, cuti itu menjadi langkah awal untuk meninggalkan Roy. Tapi hari sebelum cuti (gk ngasih tau Roy kl saya cuti, bilangnya cuma pulang ke rumah kyk weekend biasa), saya bertanya bagaimana kl saya berhenti kasih kabar? Dia jawab akan nyusul ke rumah. Saya menghilang sepekan. Roy tau, ini aksi saya untuk tak memberi kabar. Tiap hari dia bilang, kalau sudah selesai mau menyendirinya cepat kabarin, dia khawatir. Hp lebih sering off. Saya 2 kali ketemuan sama temen2 (yang mana gk pernah bisa saya lakukan dengan leluasa sejak jalan bareng sama Roy). Jalan sekali sama kakak.... (more)

The Common Ills
Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts
"Corrine Brown"

Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Corrine Brown" Isaiah's latest The World Today Just Nuts "Corrine Brown." As US House Rep Corrine Brown struts past, US House Rep Loretta Sanchez declares, "Corrine looks a little different. Has she lost some weight?" US House Rep John Conyers explains, "Nah, she just can't stop preening since she stole the Ranking Member post." Isaiah archives his comics at The World Today Just Nuts. the world today just nuts comic loretta sanchez john conyers corrine brown the common ills

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